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13 years ago

VM Servers stuck in snapshot mode

I am using Backup Exec 2010 R3 sp1 to backup a virtual center with VMware servers on it. We use VMware 4.1 esxi. We have a problem if we use AOFO and the job hangs, the VM never gets out of snapshot mode and we can't get Backup Exec to release the snapshot files to comit them. This creates gigantic files that eat up disk space and we can't get rid of them. Even rebooting the machine does get Backup Exec to release them. I have turned off AOFO on the virtual center jobs, but I still have sever VM stuck in snapshot mode with no way to comit the present snapshot  and free up space. The VM guys say that can't get anything done until I get backup exec to release the files.

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  • So if you stop all of the Backup Exec services, then you still can't delete the snapshots using the VMware console/client?


    If this is true then you almost certainly need to go back to VMware to get help.

    Also AOFO has nothing to do with VMware backups if you are using our VMware agent. I'd recommend always leaving it off/on default on all AVVI jobs however with our without it enabled a VMWare snapshot is always requested as that is the ONLY way to backup a complete online VM.