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10 years ago

W2008R2 BE2014, RHEL (5.11 Tikanga) V-79-57344-34040 error


My BE 2014 media server is a Win 2008 R2 (physical) box. My backup that is failing with network issues is a RHEL 5.11 (physical) box.  The particular error is V-79-57344-34040.

Following the link does not offer much in the way of solution or insight. I have two backups running on this Linux box and one is now operational while the other fails with network loss.  The Linux box does have Oracle running on it, and sometimes the BE port is taken by Oracle.  My Linux admin has addressed that such that we are able to get one of the backups to function, however the other is failing and has since I Have upgraded the BE media server to 14.

He has upgraded the RALUS to what was included with the BE 2014 however that seemed to be older than the RALUS included with BE 2012.  We have attempted backups with both. We are now using RALUS 1786 and receiving one of two backups as successful.

Wondering what other things Linux admins have done to address this type of thing.


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