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19 years ago

What's wrong with this selection/backup job?

As far as I know the selection file is correct, but it's not working right. I'm trying to write out a selection file and then use bemcmd.exe and it's not working right. As you can see, there are files in the subdirectory that should be backed up, and a .lk file that should be skipped.

But the job just immediately completes successfully, but backs up 0 files!?

The command I run is:
"C:\Program Files\VERITAS\Backup Exec\NT\bemcmd.exe" -v -dB2D_ManualDatabases -c"" -n"webbackup" -p"(password)" -o2 -w -r -mp:1 -j"WebBackup 0440" -sf:"c:\WebBackupTemp\WebBackup 0440.txt"

The contents of the selection file at c:\WebBackupTemp\WebBackup 0440.txt is:
\\DB01\E:\Client\0440\*.* /SUBDIR
\\DB01\E:\Client\0440\*.lk /SUBDIR /EXCLUDE

The content of the folder in question is:
E:\Client\0440>dir /s
Volume in drive E is RAID10
Volume Serial Number is 6C12-BDDB

Directory of E:\Client\0440

03/01/2006 08:54 AM .
03/01/2006 08:54 AM ..
02/21/2006 03:15 PM 0603
0 File(s) 0 bytes

Directory of E:\Client\0440\0603

02/21/2006 03:15 PM .
02/21/2006 03:15 PM ..
03/09/2006 02:00 PM 39,976,960 db0440.b1
03/09/2006 02:00 PM 334,561,280 db0440.d1
02/19/2006 09:52 PM 32,768 db0440.db
02/19/2006 10:11 PM 5,947,938 db0440.lg
03/09/2006 05:00 PM 414,115 db0440.lic
02/19/2006 10:11 PM 38
11/11/2004 10:47 PM 73
7 File(s) 380,933,172 bytes

Total Files Listed:
7 File(s) 380,933,172 bytes
5 Dir(s) 268,158,246,912 bytes free


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  • I finally found the answer to my question. The selection file is *NOT* the same format as the text selection window in the GUI. It's totally different, and it's documented (roughly) here:

    Essentially, you just list the files one per line you want backed up and by default it's recursive (understood /SUBDIR - but DONT put this on the line).

    It also talks about how to exclude files, but I didn't get this to work and just used a workaround by specifying each file i actually wanted backed up.

    So, the content of my selection file now looks like (and it looks for those files recursively):