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10 years ago

When are the backup files deleted in backup exec 2012(keep for...)



So I'm wondering, when I create a backup and I say keep for 2 weeks for example, when are the data deleted exactly.

I'm especially wondering, if the data will be deleted if the job fails. Let's say I have a 3 weeks holiday and the backup keeps data for 2 weeks. Say all the jobs fail when I'm on holiday. When I come back will all the backup be deleted?



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  • As a basic answer (and assuming default settings)

    - Tapes will only lose data if a backup job is run to them which overwrites them. If the tapes are not in the drives the data cannot be lost

    - Disk based backups (fixed disk and USB) will keep the last complete backup chain of your data - which means "Last Full + Last Differential" or last "Full + set of Incrementals" will not be deleted until new sucessful backups run

    - Any disk based backups (fixed disk and USB)  that are not the last backup chains of your data will be deleted within 4 hours of expiry of chain (or 1 hour if on BE 15)

    Note for the above 2 points the USB disks of course have to be online

    - RDX (cartridge/removable) disks only delete data when jobs run and cartridge is online, but then honour the last recovery chain etc rules so will not delete all backup sets.


  • You might want to read my article below
  • The last recovery point would not be deleted provided the registry setting to delete any expired backup set is not set
  • In BE 2014 this registry key is an admin console setting that by default is not enabled, in 2012 it is as you tated a reg key but is agains not enabled by default. In both case enablign allows the deletion, this customer wants to not allow the deletion so does not want to change the defaults.

    It is also one of the reasons why I stated assuming default settings in my earlier answer.