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9 years ago

Which agent to buy?



I am in process of getting quote for backup exec 15. I know I should buy agent for VM, Linux, Windows but I am confused of which agent I should purchase in order to backup our Exchange 2013 mailboxes (run on Windows 2012R2). Is it the agent for windows server std (13131-M0009) or the agent for APPS and DBS (13112-M0009)? I only have one Exchange and I want to backup all mailboxes and be able to flush transaction logs after each backup and be able to restore individual mailboxes.


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  • Agent for Applications and Databases. This will come with a Remote Agent allowing you to install the RAWS agent on the server, and the DB agent unlocks the ability to see Exchange and back that, and any files, up.

    If you have multiple VMs, then something like V-Ray might be an option, but if this is physical then the DB agent is hat you need.


  • Craig,


    Thank you for the information. It's really helpful. The Exchange server is a physical server. I will get the APPS and DBs agent.