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18 years ago

Which SQL for 11d?

I'm about to install BE 11d and SQL Agent on a Windows Server 2003 x64 server that has an instance of SQL 2005 and an instance of SQL 2000 installed on it. Which should I have BE use for its database?
I think it should go on SQL 2005 unless that causes an issue with the SQL agent. Anyone with experience regarding this?


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  • Hi,

    BE11d Database can be installed in SQL 2005 Instance which is running on the same server or on any other remote SQL Server !

    Whereas also refer the document given below

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    Thank you
  • You can take your pick. Backup Exec will run with it's database in SQL 2000 Server, SQL 2005 Express, or SQL 2005 Server. Take into consideration that if you need to restore an entire instance of SQL, Backup Exec of course needs to have its database outside of that instance. This can potentially be a problem any time you put the Backup Exec database into a production instance of SQL. While it will take more space and more system resources, I would recommend letting Backup Exec install its own instance of SQL 2005 Express.