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  • Check that the tape is not physically write-protected.

    Also, it might be allocated to a previous job.  Restart all the BE services and try again.

    Click on the BE button ---> Configuration and Settings ---> Backup Exec Settings.  Under Media Management, check that your Overwrite Protection Level is set to either Partial or Full, not None.

  • You should set the Media Overwrite option to the second option 


    BE 2012 - overwrite recyclable & OPL.png

  • Today i chwck on my server  job cannot overwrite on the tape when is tape full

  • If the tape is full, but has not passed it's retention date, then you must provide a different tape 


    if this worked previously, but now does not, your data may have grown to the point that it no longer fits on one tape.  You will probably have to re-examine and probably change your backup strategy