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7 years ago

why server not using the rest of the disk pool which has free space?

Hi everybody.i did not found the answer so I decide to ask here.

In my BE16  Win 2012R2 I'm backing up about 30VMs and total data for VMs is 3GB. I made storage pool with 2 x 4TB disk so I guess could have 8Tb in a storage pool but when one of the 4TB disks going full, job will confuse :) and will not continue backup VMs or stop untill I cancel.I should expire some backups manually and restart the job. backups are normally distributed on 2 disks but when job try to backup a machine that is bigger than free space on current disk it cant continue.

Could you please tell me what is problem on my Storage device pool?


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  • Unfortunately GRT cannot span across different disk devices in a pool as such if you run out of space against VM backups the job will have an issue and ultimately not complete.


    There are Powershell commands that can make sure that whenever a job starts against a pool that it looks for the device with the most free space to write to,  which can reduce the chance of such an issue ocurring.

     If you are using multi-VM jobs you could also split the jobs which could also help.




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      Thank you so much

      If I understand well I have two options: 1: using command line to change default selection method for a storage device pool from (A storage device with the least amount of free space) to (A storage device with the most amount of free space) 2: divide jobs. I prefer using command line but because its first time I need some samples  what I found is not work.

      New-BEStorageDevicePool [-Name] [<String>] [-StoragePoolType] {Disk | Tape | DiskCartridge} [-Description [<String>]] [-WhatIf [<SwitchParameter>]] [-Confirm [<SwitchParameter>]] [<CommonParameters>]

      I found synatax here: this page. and first changed path: cd C:\Program Files\Veritas\Backup Exec. my pool name is Storage Pool 0001

      Set-BEStorageDevicePool -Name "Storage device pool 0001"

      but I got this error: 'Set-BEStorageDevicePool' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

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        I think there is a a round robin choice as well as a least free or most free


        And you do have to run the command inside Bemcli (or in Powershell but import the BEMCLI module) and not in a standard command propt or standard powershell prompt without the module