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15 years ago

Writing Multiple D2D jobs to a single tape


I am trying to reduce our backup times.  Currently I am backing up approx 1.5TB onto an iSCSI san then to tape.  This 1.5Tb is all in one job, I have been advised to split this into a few smaller jobs which can all run at the same time, making better use on the network and SAN.

Now I need to work out how to write both of these D2D jobs to one tape.  Does anyone do this and how do you achieve it?  I currently just have a duplicate job which follows the d2d job.


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  • Hi,

    The most efficient way is probably to look into D2D2T...this will run a backup to disk, and once done, stream that backup off to tape. Streaming off to tape is the bonus as this won't affect production network performance. BE 2010 has the functionality to do this, but I am not sure if it is simply a rule it puts in place, or if it is a licensable may want to look into this.
    If you don't go with this, look into setting up a policy that backs up to disk first, and then put in your own rule manually to duplicate that backup to tape. The downside here is if your rule isn't set up correctly, it won't work like it should.

  • I already use B2D2T with a single job and it streams to tape automatically when finished.  This works most the time but is slow because the D2D of 1.5Tb is taking over 24 hours.

    I want to improve this by doing mltiple B2D jobs simultaneously and then writing all of those to the same tape once completed.

    My only concern is with only one tape but say 3 B2D jobs there may be some confusion over overwrite and append on the tape.  If I could guarantee that B2D job A would finish first I could set that to duplicate to tape, overwriting the tape.  Then the duplicate job for D2D job B and job C could use an append on the D2T so that the tape ends up with the three backups on.  Doesn't seem very slick though...
  • You can avchieve that by creating a media set specifically for these D2D to tape jobs and then when you create seperate D2D to tape jobs you can specify the same media set in both of them because which both jobs will be forced to use the tape associated with that media set.
  • ...but I don't think it is possible to stream multiple data streams to 1 drive...
    Your append period is also going to play a role here...that needs to be set correctly so that you can run 1 job, and then append each job after that.