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18 years ago

X64 Version Hangs when I click on Backup Wizard

I downloaded the Eval of 11d to test as my 10d will not install on x64. Anyway...

When I click on the Button to do a Backup Job the wizard hangs so that I have to kill the task. Is there a way I can find out what is causing the hang?

There's nothing in the Event Log about it just the hang message.

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  • Unfortunately there is no resolution to this specific problem except by licensing the installation. See the technote at the link below.

    Document ID: 286202
    A 64-bit Backup Exec Administration Console installed in evaluation mode hangs when creating a backup job.
  • That is insane. Why even have an eval then? There's no way I'm paying for a serial number to test if it works. Thanks anyway, but I will check out the competition...
  • The problem is even bigger... I do have a license but it still hangs... The problem occurs with the Active Directory recovery agent and the SharePoint agent... As soon as I deinstall those two it works. Any suggestions?