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16 years ago

Cannot delete Cluster from CMC



we have a CMC 5.1 installed on a windows 2003 server. we discovered some of our cluster-systems via classic authentication.

Now, we want to delte one cluster from CMC. I'm logged in with an cmc-admin-account. I mark one cluster, configuration-> remove-clusters. The documentation says, that there should pop up a new window, but nothing happens.

Does anybody has an idea?


I've tried the same with several admin-accounts, but it's the same.






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  • hi,


    What you are doing seems like a right thing to do. We will need to take a look at the logs to see what's going on. Can you try the following:


    1. Try removing the cluster again.

    2. Paste last few lines of VRTScmcm/log/ManagementServer-0.log and VRTScmcm/log/_err0.0.log to this thread.


    If I need more information, I will then request you to open a new support case.