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8 years ago

Change MultiNICB Resource Atrribute while VCS is running


I have a 2 node cluster on Solaris where MultiNICB was wrongly configured with devices vnet1 and vnet3

But the system does not have vnet3. From what I see, it should be using vnet2. 

Is it possible to change this resource attribute so that the MultiNICB uses device vnet2 instead of vnet3, without affecting production while VCS is running? If so, how to do that?







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  • Hello,


    yes it is possible to change agent configurations. Be careful is enabled and critical and you make a mistake a failover may the result.


    in your case it should be (dont have a system to test syntax)

    haconf -makerw

    hares -modify MultiNICB_erp Device vnet1 0 vnet2 1 -sys CST5PSERPS2

    hares -modify MultiNICB_erp Device vnet1 0 vnet2 1 -sys TST5SSERPS2

    haconf -dump -makero




  • The other two ways to change the resource settings are


    1. Use VOM, a GUI utility for software admin




    2. Edit to change the resource attributes by

    hast -all -force

    vi        < fix any attribute issue

    hacf -verify /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config

    hastart. (Run this command on all nodes)