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17 years ago

Critical Resources

Dear all,

Running VCS 4.1 MP3 on RHEL 4. We have one node clusters on 2 separate data centers which are running active-passive. I need to change one of the resources as a "critical resource". Should there be anything that i should take care of while doing this?. The last thing i want is the resources going offline due to the change. What is the best approach i should take?

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  • Setting the Critical attribute will not change the state of any resources, so you can do it without worrying.
    The Critical attribute is set for anything which should cause a service group to fault if the resource faults. Normally you'd have all your resources set as critical...
  • Thanks for the reply. I went further and checked my configuration on the VCS simulator. When  you bring the resource online the cluster does not go down with the resource marked as critical but if it's faulted it will bring down the cluster.
    I needed it to bring it down as i wanted to online the cluser on the remote site.
  • what kinda failover mechanism you are using ? how  the cluster on this site is communicating to the cluster on remote site ?
    Are you using global clusters...?