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12 years ago

Hot to setup and config IBM WEBSHPERE MQ For LINUX VCS

Hi,I installed and setup VCS for Linux,and download IBM MQ AGENT.But can't find the Wizard tools for MQ.The admin guide of vcs for MQ is not detailed.

so,who can share doc about it,step-by-setp guide is better!




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  • The "WebSphere MQ agent attributes" section in the VCS MQ Install and Config guide ( gives you the required attributes and many of these you can leave at the default, so you just need to add a resource of type WebSphereMQ6 and modify the QueueManager attribute and the MQVer attribute (and MQUser attribute if user is not mqm).  You can optionally modify other attributes - just read the section I just mentioned.  The guide also gives a "Sample Configurations" section.

    Is there any other information that you are expecting?


  • Hi Mike,

    No wizard  for MQ?I used wizard for oracle,it is easy to use.


  • Hi Ricky,

    What version of VCS are you using? The wizard for WebSphere MQ agent configuration is supported on VCS 6.0.2/6.0.3 with VMWare environment only.

    If you are looking for anything specific towards the configuration please let me know.



  • Where have used the Wizard for Oracle - is this in the Jav GUI or VOM - I think there is a Generic service group wizard you can use as most service groups follow the same template - they requires an Application (Oracle, MQ etc) resource which requires Mount which in turn requires Diskgroup resource and also NIC and IP resources are created which the application may depend on to start.