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13 years ago

Installing Storage Foundation for Windows on Existing VCS 6.0 Cluster...

About 3 months ago my client installed VCS 6.0 on 10 servers to cluster MS SQL instances.  They determined they want to use DMP and other SF Features.  Theygot the licenses for SF 6.0, but upon trying to Install them we are getting the following error:

Mode: Fresh install

Status: Failed


Veritas Storage Foundation 6.0 for Windows


                The installation cannot proceed. The following products installed on the system are either conflicting or incompatible.

Refer to the software compatibility list (SCL) for the list of supported software.


                Veritas Cluster Server 6.0 for Windows


Is there a way to do this, or did we sell the wrong version?  Should we return these SF licenses and see if we can get an upgrade or crossgrade license to SFHA since that includes VCS?





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  • So above outputs says you already have VCS 6.0 installed, did u check if VCS is already installed & if yes, what are the licenses installed for VCS 6.0 (demo/keyless or permanenet) ?

    Secondly, you say that you are tying to install SF 6.0 & want to use various features like DMP, do u have license already for SF 6.0 ?

    Two things here:

    1. If you have permanent license for VCS, & you got license for SF 6.0, then you would cover the major products like vxvm, DMP etc .. alongwith you already have license for VCS.

    2. As you said, you can get a license for SFHA 6.0 which will cover all the products like vxvm, DMP,vxfs & even VCS. This will cover the entire suite.

    Any of the two above will not really solve the installation problem though you are facing above , I understand the error is saying that one of product is already installed, which you may need to get an alternate through .. i.e  either by selecting the right product to install or by removing the existing VCS & then doing a fresh install for SFHA including VCS. Decision would depend on whether you can have an outage to server or not ...


    hope this helps


  • Hi Howard,

    I see that you are using the Windows versions of the products and that you currently have VCS 6.0 installed.  You will not be able to just add SFW to the configuration to make an SFW-HA installation.  You will need to upgrade the VCS for Windows 6.0 installation to an SFW-HA 6.0 installation.

    This is outlined in the SFW/SFW-HA 6.0 Installatin and Upgrade Guide on page 74.  Here is a link to it:


    Thank you,


  • Hi Wally,  that's the way it looks to us as well.  From a licensing standpoint should they be OK having purchased VCS first and then SF separately after the fact?  The licensing shows the SFW-HA is VCS+ SFW in a bundle, so we are assuming this is correct.  Can you let me know what you think?

    Thanks again!


  • Hi Howard,

    Your customer will need to have a SFW-HA key.  The VCS key + SFw key I don't think will work.  I'm pretty sure that the SFW-HA installer will check the key and will complain if an SFW-HA key is not provided.   But you should contact our Customer Care department to see if there is something that they can do or if they individual keys will be fine.

    Thank you,


  • Thanks again Wally.  We're having them open up a support case just to be safe, and see if we need to use customer care to get the SFW-HA key granted to them.  Will post an update once we've confirmed the proper resolution.  thanks again.