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17 years ago

Looking for someone who can teach Veritas Cluster Server at Tulsa, OK (USA)

Hi, I am looking for a Veritas Trainer who can deliver the following class for me. Can anyone tell me where I can I find a certified trainer?  

My client is located at Tulsa, OK and looking to do the training ASAP. It's a 5 Days training.


Course Outline:

VERITAS Cluster Server, Fundamentals

  • High Availability Concepts
  • VCS Building Blocks
  • Preparing a Site for VCS Implementation
  • Installing VCS
  • VCS Operations
  • VCS Configuration Methods
  • Preparing Services for High Availability
  • Online Configuration
  • Offline Configuration
  • Sharing Network Interfaces
  • Configuring Notification
  • Configuring VCS Response to Resource Faults
  • Cluster Communications
  • System and Communication Faults
  • I/O Fencing
  • Troubleshooting


VERITAS Cluster Server, Example Application Configurations

  • Clustering Applications
  • Clustering Databases
  • Clustering NFS


VERITAS Cluster Server, Implementing Local Clusters

  • Workshop: Reconfiguring Cluster Membership
  • Service Group Interactions
  • Workload Management
  • Alternate Network Configurations
  • Data Center Availability
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