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11 years ago

Service Group Failover fails !!!

Hi there, I'm having an issue with one of our cluster wherein, when tried to fail-over the service group it failed with below errors - 2013/10/30 22:22:19 VCS ERROR V-16-2-13006 (XXXXX) Resource(...
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    11 years ago


    The volumes clearly looks to be culprit here so could be two options

    1. IOs are still going on & hence volume can't be stopped. You need to ensure that all the IOs are stopped /applications are stopped to ensure a clean / graceful offline of volume.

    2. DG resource is also calling for unsuccessful clean which is most likely because of volume still operational. However also would be worth to check on what is happening to vxconfigd daemon ?  Is the daemon heavily loaded. A simple check for this would be to run some veritas commands & see if there is delay in returning of command ... If this is the case then all veritas commands will time out which will be most likely reason for above behaviour of VCS .. would be good check what is vxconfigd doing so much .. this can be found with

    # vxtask list  (any background tasks running)

    # ps -ef |grep -i vx     (is there any old vx command which is stuck in a loop & making vxconfigd uncomfortable)


    Hope this helps