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14 years ago

Shutdown Windows server with VCS

Hi Do I need to stop the VCS before I shutdown Windows servers ? I need to shutdown both primary & secondary Windows servers. What happen if I didn't stop the VCS before shutdown Windows ?   ...
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    14 years ago

    I'll try to make it more clear:

    If you shutdown the servers you should offline all the service groups first by using GUI or from CLI using:

     hagrp -offline service_group -any

    for each service group

    It is not necessary to stop VCS, i.e you don't need to stop VCS service in services manager, or use "net stop had" or "hastop -all".  You could stop VCS as an alternative to offlining SGs as stopping the VCS service will put VCS in a "leaving state" and offline all the service groups for you and then stop the service and this will work most of the time, however if a VCS resource gets stuck in a transitional state, then you can't use any hagrp commands, particularly "hagrp -flush" in a "leaving state" which is why I recommend manually offlining service groups.

    Also, if you just shutdown both servers roughly at the same time, without doing anything in VCS first then most times this will work if a resource does not get stuck in a transitional state or there is not too much delay between shutting down both servers so that VCS does not have change to failover services on to the other node.

    So in short, my recommendation is to stop all service groups first, but if you don't, VCS will still cleanly shutdown properly in MOST instances.