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16 years ago

Thank you



Thank you for your respond.


I spent a weekend with VCS manual and a test cluster on esx.


The VEA part you explained is not a problem. It's very similiar to Windows disk/volume manager.


My bigest problem was (and is) to present the new voulme to the cluster so that both nodes can see it and failover when nessasery. It's a simple file share.


I have done this in the test lab but still having problems with the customer environment.


Currently I have two problems:


1. When I create a new service group it won't let me to use templates. It says Command Server (or service) is not running. When I check the services I can see that it's not running indeed. When I try to start it it stops straight away. Says something about "the service had nothing to do".


2. The bigest problem is when I create a new service group manualy and bring it online the Lanman resource won't go online and it brings the existing production lanman down! Any ideas on this would be hignly appriciated!