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15 years ago

V-52410-49479-116 ERROR

Primary Site Cluster = 2nodes
OS = Win2003 R2
Veritas sfha version = sfha 5.1
Secondary Site Cluster = sfha 5.1 installed and cluster configured
Primary and Secondary site cluster have different names and ID

While configuring the Disaster Recovery Wizard i am facing the below error. i also followed the symantec document ( ) but faced same problem because my HAD secvice is running properly on all nodes.
My primary site cluster with 2 nodes successfully switch over locally(at primary site).
I have successfully installed sfha software on secondary nodes and configured cluster(not configured service group but configured disk group and volumes at secondary site ) and trying to run the Disaster Recovery Wizard but facing the below error.

I can ping the primary site computers successfully via host name and IP and there is no firewall enabled, the service group is also online at primary site

Any help will be appriciated.

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  • Zahid-

    Good morning can you please let me know how you are replicating data from the primary site to the DR site?


  • Actually i want to create a disaster recovery cluster / Global Cluster. i have got an PDF of symantec which told me to create a primary cluster with service group configured and create a secondary cluster(with different name and ID) with only cluster configured(no service group, exchange server installed). After done the above activity i started "Disaster Recovery wizard", which i was doing but faces the above mentioned error. 

  • Zahid-

    Sorry for the delay I have been trying to reproduce the issue in my lab environment. I experienced a similar issue when running the DR wizard when I tried to use the primary node name for validation instead of the primary node IP address or FQDN. Did you run the security service on all nodes in the primary and DR clusters for VVR prior to running the DR wizard? Past that unfortunately I would recommend engaging us via a case to work via Webex for live debugging.