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8 years ago

vcs add node


I have 2 nodes vcs cluster 6.0 and i wish to add a new node-solaris.

test6 and test89 are the nodes that run in cluster clust.

In both nodes i gabconfig -U,lltconfig -U,modunload -i <gab>,modunload -i <llt>

root@test89:~# more /etc/hosts test6 test89 test5         ->new node

In every node i have:

root@test89:~# dladm show-phys
LINK              MEDIA                STATE      SPEED  DUPLEX    DEVICE
net0              Ethernet             up         1000   full      e1000g0
net2              Ethernet             up         1000   full      e1000g2
net1              Ethernet             up         1000   full      e1000g1

In test5 i added

root@test5:~# more /etc/llttab
set-node test5                               ->i only changed test5
set-cluster 30980
link net1 /dev/net/net1 - ether - -
link net2 /dev/net/net2 - ether - -
link-lowpri net0 /dev/net/net0 - ether - -

In every host i have:

root@test5:~# more /etc/llthosts
0 test6
1 test89
2 test5

root@test5:~# more /etc/gabtab
/sbin/gabconfig -c -n3

root@test5:~# more /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config/
include ""
include ""
include ""
include ""
include ""

cluster clust (
        SecureClus = 1
system test5 (                       ->i added
system test6 (

system test89 (

group test5 (
        SystemList = { test6 = 1, test89 = 3, test5 = 5 }

        Application apache (
                StartProgram = "/usr/apache2/2.2/bin/apachectl start"
                StopProgram = "/lib/svc/method/http-apache22 stop"
                CleanProgram = "/root/test5"
                PidFiles = { "/system/volatile/apache2/2.2/" }

        IP IP_RES (
                Device = net0
                Address = ""
                NetMask = ""
                IfconfigTwice = 1

        NIC NIC_RES (
                Device = net0

        IP_RES requires NIC_RES
        apache requires IP_RES

        // resource dependency tree
        //      group test5
        //      {
        //      Application apache
        //          {
        //          IP IP_RES
        //              {
        //              NIC NIC_RES
        //              }
        //          }
        //      }


In every node:

lltconfig -c

root@test5:~# lltstat -n
LLT node information:
    Node                 State    Links
     0 test6             OPEN        3
     1 test89            OPEN        3
   * 2 test5             OPEN        3

gabconfig -c

root@test5:~# gabconfig -a
GAB Port Memberships

root@test89:~# gabconfig -a
GAB Port Memberships

root@test6:~# gabconfig -a
GAB Port Memberships

It means port a does not register to gab.

hastart on every node

root@test6:~# hastatus
attempting to connect....
VCS ERROR V-16-1-10600 Cannot connect to VCS engine
attempting to connect....not available; will retry


Can you helpme on this?






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  • Before VCS config - can you confirm comms on the heartbeat links?

    Plumb IP addresses on all net1 links, e.g.

    Ensure you can ping all IPs from all nodes.

    Unblumb IPs.
    Plumb IPs on all net2 links.

    Ping all IPs from all nodes.
    Unblumb IPs

    If above tests work, we can revisit LLT and GAB config.
    HAD will not start if llt and gab are not up and talking to one another.


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      Hi Marianne,

      I fixed the issue and now i like to install vxfencing.

      I installed Veritas_InfoScale_Availability_7.2_Solaris_x64 on the nodes with /installer -precheck,then made the vcs configuration.At the installation time i chossen not to install vxfen.


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        .... I fixed the issue ....

        Please 'play nice' and tell us HOW you fixed the issue.

        Fencing binaries are already installed. You need to decide which type of fencing you want to config, ensure all requirements are met, then run
        installvcs with -fencing option.

        You can find 'how to' instructions in Cluster Server Configuration and Upgrade Guide

        Download docs here: