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11 years ago

Compliance Accelerator

Hi. I wanted to know if it was possible to run a report on everyone that has delegate access in Complaince Accelerator. Can someone point me to what table will have this info ? I would like to run th...
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    11 years ago

    Do you have 2 Customer dbs and you're running the query against the wrong one?


    When you run the modified query above, do you see a listing of Departments and users with NULL in the right column?

    If you know you've had items reviewed with comments added on behalf of other users, you can check the tblComment or tblIntMarkHistory tables to see if you have any ProxyID column entries.

    I did a bit more digging in my databases (2007 SP6 and 10.0 SP4, so I know the tables exist in 9.0 SP2).  Here is another query you can run to only show primary users and their 'on behalf of' users.

    SELECT tp1.PrincipalName AS 'Primary User'
         , tp2.PrincipalName AS 'On Behalf Of User'
    FROM tblProxy AS tp
    INNER JOIN tblPrincipal AS tp1
      ON tp.PrincipalID = tp1.PrincipalID
    INNER JOIN tblPrincipal AS tp2
      ON tp.ProxyPrincipalID = tp2.PrincipalID

    The other query reports on any Departments in which the delegate has been granted permissions where the primary also has permissions.