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7 years ago

Anyone got OneDrive Scanning Working

I am having a problem getting my OneDrive to be scanned.

I have set up the Dev App as per the instructions.

I asuume that the Client ID in DI is the APP ID that I created in the DEV application in O365?

When clicking on the Authoirize button, I get an error at the O365 Login Page

Sorry but we're havinf trouble with signing you in

We've received a bad request.

Any pointers?


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  • Sometimes the easiest explanation is just to provide a demo farmch7q.

    The manual is under: One Drive Instructions (Start with Chap19_Pg 277), Adding an account, Auditing (the future BrownBag video), I have a demo we could provide over webex as it is not yet published. If you open a support case and ask for me it would take about 40 minutes.

    That said let us drop an answer in here for those who do not have partner status.

    First you are correct the Client ID is the number that is the Application Id shown in the URL or the window of your App.

    which corresponds within Data Insight under

    Now when you click the authorize button it should ask you to login as your user with access to the App using the installed clients.

    In the instructions we mention you are required to install a sharepoint client and the management shell:

    11/21/2017  01:08 PM         2,187,264 sharepointclientcomponents_16-6518-1200_x64-en-us.msi
    11/21/2017  01:07 PM         2,531,328 SharePointOnlineManagementShell_7018-1200_x64_en-us.msi

    Do you have those installed on the Collector which is assigned to the OneDrive device?

    Are you using two factor authentication or a proxy to get to the OneDrive device?

    I have also seen issue on virtual machines with  the nonroutable network as primary for NAT.

    I was able to duplicate the  error with these problems and rectify it by removing them. If you still experience issue we should review the logs to determine the cause.


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      Hi Rod,

      Would be usefuly to have a demo on this.

      Cheers Chris

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        If you have a case open, have your Technician ask for Rod and we can schedule some time to walk thru it.

        I am currently creating a couple that will be publicly available to partners and internally on our Education network  but they still are being vetted,