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7 years ago

Remediation and Custom Action

Hello guys, can you help me to know how use the "Custom Action" in data insight

now, what did i do: i made test-bat-file in dirrectory "C$\DataInsight\data\conf\workflow\steps\CUSTOMACTION\scripts", with content: 

DIR >> dir1.txt
DIR >> \\DATAINSIGHTSERVER\C$\DataInsight\dir2.txt
DIR >> C:\DataInsight\dir3.txt

then i switched to Settings-Data Managment-Custom Action 1, and set Action name, Script name, Run As User - OK

Then i switched to Workspace-Set-"test-server and folder"-Actions "test", and after that i saw failed in Action Status

I read the SKD-guid (programmer's guid) and there are no samples here, i don't know how to write batch file

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