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5 years ago

What function does wb_ refer to in the Data Insight Application?

I am seeing files which appear identical to the Audit files with the events table but are labled as wb_audit_cifs_MSU_ID_<timestamp>_0.sqlite in the inbox that do not ever get called by the indexer commands leaving them to build up.

Does anyone know what function or process this designates or how to get it to be indexed?

Thank you

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  • Anyone?

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      Hi Pix_R!

      Those files are generated by the Real-Time Whitelist and Blacklist Policies funtionality and should be consumed by the RTWBJob.

      Additional details can be found in the following Technote for the Jobs Available in Data Insight:

      If they are not being consumed properly, I would recommend opening a case with Technical Support so we can find the issue and resolve.


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        Thank you CraigeH, 

        I do not have RT policies enabled but do have wb_audit_cifs*  files that failed to index.  I have mentioned to support previously but now I can check some log data to see if there is a next steap. Appreciate it.