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11 years ago

Boot filename not received


I have problem when am deploying image over network  it give me error  PXE-E53: No boot filename received .

the point is its working with HP laptop elitebook  8460 but not working with HP  Elitebook 840. I am using Windows server WDS 2012 and the DHCP not in the same server.

please help


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  • Are you running a UEFI or Legacy boot?

    If UEFI, ensure that in the bios of the pc UEFI is set, and that on the switch you have a helper address set up for both your DHCP and WDS server. Set these two to forward both dhcp and bootp traffic.

    If legacy then just make sure that in bios it is set to legacy.


  • The default setting in the BIOS was legacy. I played around a bit with the settings and found that the deployment works when we set the boot option to UEFI Native(Without CSM) . Also, another notebook model with a similar BIOS configuration working normally without any changes in the BIOS setting. Is there any way that I can make this work in legacy mode since we have to deploy the image to over 400 notebooks. Please advise if I should change any settings in the DHCP of WDS server to make this work. Thanks in advance for your help.