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10 years ago

Once a while, a client goes into "Disabled" once a while



I have notice anoying behaver, once a while a random client goes into "disabled" mode.

When i go to the DLO server console, the client shows as "Active", 

if i forecly rightclick and do disable/enable the problem fixes.

it happand to me with several client, already. that is very anyoing.

i have to keep tracking the console in order top check which client had backups and which does not.


the only reason for that i think that can cause that is that every night i backup the NUDF dirs and in order to do that i am shutting down the services of, SymantecDLOAdminSvcu, SymantecDLOMaintenanceSvc, MSSQL$DLODedupeWebServer


and then i am turnning them on after i complete the backup.. i turn of SymantecDLOAdminSvcu first, and the sql server last.

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  • Afaik, shutting down the DLO server services should not cause the DLO client to get disabled. This can usually occur if the DLO client loses connectivity to the storage location.

    Additionally, instead of stopping the DLO services for the NUDF backup, try this instead:-

    1) Disable all DLO agents from the UI to prevent backups to the NUDF

    2) Backup the NUDF without stopping the DLO services

    3) Re-enable all DLO agents from the UI

    Lastly, if the above method isn't feasible, I would recommend to enable verbose logging on a client machine to understand why the client is going in a "Disabled" state. Understanding the root cause may help preventing this from happening in the future.

  • Is such thing possible from cmd (Command line) ?

    I am pretty sure a year ago the support have told me the best way to backup the NUDF without breaking integerity is disabling all services.


    I would like to try option 1, if its possible to do that from cmd, I am pretty sure its not, the only way i think of is doing that with executing sql command via cma, can you supply me a command like this please?


    By doing this, if i enable all the users automaticly every where, i will avoid doing it maunally.

  • Using DLOcommandu -enableuser, you can enable or disable users via the command line.

  • OK, thanks. that is good for me. very helpful.

    1) but is it safe to backup NUDF folder like that ? note that i also baclup dedupe data, because i want to have safe restore of i lost all the server.


    2) is there a way to start dlo client and sent it to background?

  • 1) Should be safe since you are disabling all client backups.

    2) Do you mean background as in system tray ? If yes, then you can change the "Desktop Agent display settings" by editing the profile - user settings tab.

  • Hey,


    I mean, When i start the client, I have notice sometimes the clients crash for some reason and do not go up. I have created a script to launch them back again. i ever when i start them the user see the GUI and have to minimze it.

  • If you do not want the user to see the GUI, then edit the profile settings as mentioned earlier.