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5 years ago

Recovery from very old Veritas Simple Backup from 2004 ?

Would LOVE to get some files off of a 2 dvd backup from 2004 - most likely from a dell pc with windows 98.

Even if I need to buy and old pc with Win98 on it 

I have some newer pc's that I have tried to restore it to but no luck?

Would it help if I have the original disks?   I can find on ebay if needed -- it cam on the puple disks in the attached pic

Any feedback/ideas would be greatly apreciated!!!








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  • Which application was used to create that backup ? Veritas System Recovery ? Which error is displayed when restore fails ?

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      it's from 2004 and called "veritas simple backup" - the error message is not a readable disk

      I don't have the original sofware -- I am wondering if I bought it and then installed it on a pc if it would work


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        I have a question. What is the file extention of backup data? Is it *.BKF?

        Regarding Veritas Simple Backup, it seems that it was a backup software for desktop. Veritas was not an owner for it in 2002. So we have no information now.
        "Sonic acquired the Desktop and Mobile Division from VERITAS in November, 2002."