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10 years ago

SDLO 7.6 unable to create Storage Location.


We have the following infra.

Server OS - Win 2012 R2.

Storage OS - Win 2012 Storage R2.

SDLO - 7.6

Unable to create  a new stortage location on to a NAS storage ..

The following error is given.


"Unable to create the x:\XXdirectory on computer 'xxxmachine'. Please check the path does not reside on a read-only device such as CD-Rom drive and that DLO database service logon account has sufficient permission to create the directory. You can change the logon account via the service control panel. Service returen error coder 0xeee0278."


PLease, help...

I habe tried to create a local storage also the same error..



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  • Which account is being used by the DLO services ? Is the same account a DLO administrator ? What share and ntfs permissions does this administrator have on the storage location ?

    Lastly, add the SQL server computer object to the Administrators group on the DLO server and retry.

  • Hi,

    It was the authentication issue for the MS SQL database..

    As I have installed the MS SQL sperately and used the Domain\userxx...

    But the service is runnign using the network service user.

    I have changed the service user account with the account used for DLO service user..

    It was now fine..

    I can able to create the storage...

    As I was wandering for the security issue of the drive authentication...but the problem was with the DLO database access in the MS SQL .


    Thanks a lot for  your help.