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8 years ago

How can you search within your case after your search returns your email results?

Most of our requests from email investigations ask us to pull ALL emails for a particular user.  Then our audit team will review the emails by clicking the Review button at the top and selecting the case folder.  Can our audit team run a keyword search within the review window of the emails we collected for the case?  There is a search icon at the top of the window but this opens up a new Discover Accelerator client to sign back into the same screen that I'm currently working on.   The only workaround we have right now is to export the emails to a PST file, import the PST into our Outlook and search for keywords within our Outlook search.    But we would like to keep all of the emails within the DA tool for tracking purposes. 

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  • Hi mate,

    One idea would be to review the results at large, then based on what you get, refine the search criteria and perform the search again. But since you have to extract all emails for a given user, that will not work for you...

  • Hi 

    There are a number of ways to achieve this.

    First, simply using the filters on the left – you can search on ‘Author’ (Screenshot 1)

    For a more detailed in-case search - you will need to enable Analytics. (screenshots 2-5)

    Analytics provides additional analyses of the metadata and content of items that are collected in the case. Among the extra benefits that analytics provides are the options to do the following:

    Set up rules by which Discovery Accelerator automatically marks or categorizes the items that it adds to the case.

    Classifying large numbers of items without much human intervention ultimately results in better and smaller review sets for manual review.

    Examine and review entire conversation threads in one view.

    Conduct quick or advanced searches within the items in a case.

    These facilities deliver a new review experience that is known as Guided Review.

     The Admin guide shows how to enable it and the reviewers guide - how to search in a case. 

    One of the features available but not often used – are Research Folders. When you run an initial search in a Research Folder, you have the ability to first preview your results before accepting. In this preview screen, you have a host of filters including author, recipient, date, direction and so on. In here you can also delete/cull from the initial search – again – before accepting, thus reducing the amount of email your reviewers get eyes on – thus saving time and money.

    One final note. I often meet customers who are using DA for compliance reasons and trying to use CA for investigative and litigation searches. More often they have the license and… in some cases… a server running the other application!

    In your case – would you not benefit from using CA? It’s a compliance tool for daily monitoring of user email with some clever features.

    See the following articles: