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11 years ago

Measuring resource requirements for a search

Hi all, I've been working with a customer who was experiencing sporadic results when trying to run large scale searches against the journal using search.asp The box is Virtual, 4 core 8gb (now 12gb...
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    11 years ago

    Hi bluesteel,


    This is going to sound facetious, it isnt meant to be, but if they are doing 'DA style' searches then they really need DA for it to be reliably successful. Search.asp has many limitations built into it to stop overly large searches being carried out due to the excess strain it places on the EV server/IIS etc.

    Trying to plan for the resources needed to use Search.asp for a DA Style search is a bit like trying to use a car to do the same job as a bus, it simply is not going to happen.


    DA was designed for mass searches, as you know, therefore is the best option for them. I think they are opening themselves up for a bit of a fail if they want EV to do the job of DA without having DA unfortunately.

    If you wanted to monitor resources anyway, I would use good old perfmon to monitor mem, virtual mem, disk IO etc (just think about what is happening at the backend of the search, dont forget IIS) to see where they are falling short.


    Just a thought, as they are on EV10, are all the indexes 64bit? If not get them upgraded as this will help with the performance.