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7 years ago

Changing Font on Legal Hold E-mail

Does anyone know if it is possible to change the font on the system-generated "sign off" text of a Legal Hold Distribution e-mail?

The language around the specifics of the Hold (that is created by our team) is fully customizable and changeable, of course, but we cannot seem to figure out how to change the "sign off". The issue is that the font size is rather small and it is difficult for the Custodian to see where they need to click to acknowledge receipt and compliance with the Hold.


B. Burnett

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  • Hi B. Burnett,

    I think I understand what you're asking but would you be able to PM me a screenshot so I can confirm?

    We do have a templates folder with some HTML that is potentially editable but I'd like to confirm it works in my lab first.


  • Should be able to edit font with the below instructions.


    The default legal hold templates verbiage provided by eDiscovery can be changed to suit the needs of the particular environment.  These are the steps required:

    1. Browse to this folder:
    1. Modify the following 6 files as needed:
    1. Change the verbiage to meet the required needs.
    2. Restart eDP services.
    3. The next email sent will have the updated verbiage.