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10 years ago

Access denied running deleteo2k.asp as VSA

EV 10.0.4

DA 10.0.4

Windows 2008 R2

I have a Powershell script that takes searched items from DA and deletes them from the assocaited archive. When I Invoke the deleteo2k.asp in my script I get an Access denied due to invalid credentials. I am running this as the VSA.

Unfortunately I cannot cut and paste the output.

How do I provide the proper credentials to execute deleteo2k.asp?



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  • you need to grant the VSA permissions to the archive that you're trying to delete from. you can do that from the console if it's for a single archive or using EVPM if you want to batch it

  • I determined that the web credentials are needed to communicate to EV. I will have to figure out how to pass the credentials in my Powershell script and then include these in the Invoke-Webrequest which calls the deleteo2k.asp command.