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13 years ago

Add New SharePoint Site Collection failure


I have trouble with configure sharepoint site collection:

I logon to server with E.vault account.

In IE i add portal3 to Intranet zone and configure automatic logon to EV account before create Sharepoint target and Site collection

1. I create SharePoint target new->enter http://portal3 -> next -> do no check Auto-enable Site Collections -> next -> finish -> close

Later, i new SharePoint Site Collection on http://portal3:

2. New -> SharePoint Site Collection -> next -> enter URL (http://portal3/SiteDirectory/test/default.aspx) -> press next and recieve message:

Site Collection cannot be found

Check that you entered the correct URL

Check that the URL has been added to the Local intranet zone in Internet Explorer and automatic login is allowed for the Intranet zone.



  • No, other problem.


    I try add collection = target name and all success.

    Later i add Share Point site and start archive.