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17 years ago

Alternate URL for different users?

Our EV servers are setup in two locations.  One group of servers is located in the US and is used to archive e-mail from the North American e-mail servers.  The other EV server is in Europe and is used to archive e-mail from EU Exchange servers.  All servers are in the same EV site which is pointed to a North American web access URL (http://navault1/enterprisevault).

Users in Europe are reporting slowness in accessing the web functions such as search and archive explorIer.  I would like to find a way to point these users to the EU server (http://euvault1/enterprisevault) to speed up their access.

In digging through the policies, the only thing that looks like it might work is the 'Web Application URL' setting in the Mailbox Policy.  However, in reading the Symantec documentation on that setting, it doesn't look like it would do what I need.

Am I overlooking an easy way to do this?  Is the only way to make this work with a separate site?


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