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6 years ago

Amalgamet 5 Vault Stores into 1 Vault Store

We moved our On premise Exchange to O365 but left the existing EV archives as is. We have a 3 year retention policy and EV will die on the vine in another 2 years. We want to replace the 5 physical servers with a single HyperV node. We are running EV Ver 11 and do not want to upgrade to EV 12. Veritas wont provide support unless we upgrade. What would be the best way to achieve this?


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  • Hello,

    I would do the following:

    I assume you have aliasses for the EV servers/Site

    Install the new server, install EV, add it to the site.

    Follow THIS KB article to move the Vault Stores to the new server (you're basically adjusting which storage service manages the store, don't worry about moving data).

    You also need to move (or update) index location. See This and/or This2 KB article.

    After you moved everything, and are happy with it running ok, change the aliasses to point to this one server. This will allow the shortcuts to keep working without issues.

    Then stop the EV services on the old servers. Leave them for a week (to verify no issues occurr), then decommission them (uninstall EV/remove servers)

    Good luck.