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13 years ago

Archive bit not getting reset


I'm using the Windows 2008 native backup (VSS full) to backup the vault stores but it seems the archvive bit desn't reset and the items remain pending. 

As far as I know the VSS full should reset the archvie bit while VSS copy backup won't reset it. Any clue?


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  • Your best bet is to contact Microsoft, theres really very little information out there about VSS Full backups and the archive attributes etc.

  • while you're figuring that out, you can use a trigger file called at the end of your backup to reset the archive bit for now. that's how we address other backup types like block-level snapshots for example which dont touch the files themselves.

  • It can be the backup job is configured to backup using Modified Time or its just a copy backup job

     On Windows 2008 There are 2 Choices.

    VSS Copy Backup Which Does not Clear the Archive Bit.

    VSS Full Backup which Clears the Archive Bit.

    IF proper backup method is selected then  I guess it may be  UAC  getting in the way. Turned off UAC. Trying again see if that helps >

  • Indeed W2K8 backup is not doing the archive bit reset as FreKac has pointed out (we had a discussion a while back regarding this).

    Your best option is to use trigger file as AndrewB has suggested.