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15 years ago

Archive Explorer and parentfolderrootidentity set to null

Recently I have had several issues with FSA data not showing up properly in Archive Explorer. I opened a case with Symantec and we found that the parentfolderrootidentity for several folders were set to null when they should have been set to the parent folder. We were able to correct the problem in SQL by changing the parentfolderrootidentity from null to what the actual parentfolderrootidentity was. The answer that I could not get was what caused this and as a secondary question, is there another way to correct this short of manually adjusting the parentfolderrootidentity in SQL?  Just wondering if anyone would know either question as I seem to keep running into these.
As a note we are running EV 2007 SP5



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  • I belive the issue is caused if you move Some folder around on the file server ...

  • This the problem?
  • Similar, but this is FSA data not mail based.

    I would hope that moving a folder would not cause this and cant imagine that that huge loophole  would be missed by Symantec as I am sure tons of folders are moved as part of normal everyday business. Right now the only fix I have seen is to manually change the parentfolderrootidentity from null to the correct parent ID.