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16 years ago

Assigning Archives to new users

Hello all


one of my customers is migrating his AD to a complete new domain. He has archived 2000 Mailboxes with EV2007 SP3 from an Exchange2003 Server.

How can i assign the Archive from the "old" user to the "new" user.

For example: has an archive. should not get a new archive when activating him. He should use instead his archive from the old domain.


Has anyone an idea how i can solve this?


thanks in advance 

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  • Hello Dietmar,


    1 - manually ;-) On permissions tab from archive, add new account.

    2 - there should be a registrykey to link archive to mailbox, looking for it, but cannot find it.



  • regkey = SynchInMigrationMode
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\KVS\Enterprise Vault\Agents

    0 — (Default.) Enterprise Vault does not assign new mailboxes to
    archives that are associated with the same legacyMbxDN values.
    1 — Makes Enterprise Vault assign new mailboxes to archives that are
    associated with the same legacyMbxDN values.
    Specifies whether, when migrating mailboxes from one Exchange
    Server to another, Enterprise Vault automatically assigns migrated
    mailboxes to existing archives. SynchInMigrationMode affects only
    the association between user mailboxes and archives; it does not affect
    the association between journal mailboxes and their archives.


    page 53 of the registry values pdf. Not sure if applicable, but might help

  • Hello Gertjan,


    thanks for your answer. I know that i can set permissions manually to an archive, but this solves not my problem.

    Perhaps my question in my first post was not clear.

    What i need is this:


    when i'm activating the new user there is a button "select archive".

    Using this button i can select the archive from the old user but this does not

    work because the archive is assigned to tho old user.


    It would help me to fin a way to unassign the old user from his archive. 


  • Hi Dietmar,


    I did something similar, and I think that you don't have to activate "new" user, since you migrate it; then, it is the same user.

    Provided that you set up the registry key Gertjan said, you can avoid archive duplication.




  • The reg key synchinmigration mode will work fine in many migration scenarios assuming the mailboxguid and or legacyexchangedn has not changed. It is also possible to use Policy Manager to remove the mailbox/archive association to allow you to connect what EV sees as a new mailbox (because the mailbox guid and legachexchangedn have changed during the migration) to an existing archive.