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15 years ago

Automatic dropbox archive solution for Thunderbird users

Hi Everyone,
Our Organisation uses half Windows and half Linux.  A bulk of our userbase uses Mozilla Thunderbird 2.x & 3.x as the default Mail client.
From my understanding there's no plugin for other mail clients other than Outlook and Entourage, which means users are limited to use the OWA/EV webapp. Right?

I'm curious to know whether someone has found a way to get EV archiving to work on Thunderbird?
We want to Create dropbox scenario where users can drop items to be archived, and periodically (every 4 hours or nightly) Enterprise Vault would query this folder and archive the contents inside the folder.
Similar to Outlook where you have a separate Vault inbox and users can retrieve vault messages from here, but we also want users to be able commit vault items as well.

Thanks for your help.

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  • Hi,

    If you are using an age-based policy then you could use EVPM to create a folder in all mailboxes with a zero-day archiving policy. That way, anything that is in the folder will be archived (assuming all applicable message classes are enabled in the policy) on the next scheduled run of the Archiving Task provided the mailbox is enabled for archiving.

  • Hi Nick,
    I'm assuming when you say EVPM you're refering to "E-Vault Policy Manager (EVPM)" ?
    Do you have any walk-throughs tutorials or examples online that I could look over?
    This could be what we're after. Thank Q.
  • Hi,

    yes, that's right. There are some example scripts in the help files if you want to start using it for other things too, so it's worth having a quick read, but the basic outline of the script will be as follows, though you will need to customise it to match your EV configuration and required policy:

    directorycomputername = EVservername
    sitename = EVsitename

    name = filter1
    CreateShortcut = true
    DeleteOriginal = true
    unreadMAIL = false
    UseInactivityPeriod = true
    InactivityUnits = days
    InactivityPeriod = 0

    distinguishedname = all

    name = \personal archive
    filtername = filter1
    retentioncategory = business
    overridearchivelocks = true

    The directory section specifies the EV server that is running the Directory service and the EV site name

    The filter section defines the policy

    The mailbox section defines which mailboxes the script will be run against. If you don't want to specify all mailboxes then you can use an ldap query to filter the list

    The folder section specifies the name of the folder as well as the filter defined in the filter section and the retention category to apply. If the folder you specify already exists then the policy will be applied to the existing folder. If it does not exist then it will be created and the policy will be applied to the new folder

    You will need to save the file as a unicode text file which is explained in the section on running EVPM from the command line. The Utilities help section includes full information on all the policy manager settings too if you need more help