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19 years ago

Building block solution

How do you go about moving services from one server to another.. I have two servers in the site and I want to move all the services and tasks to the other server while leaving SQL and the diretory service on the existing server.

I have moved the disks for the Vault stores, Indexes, Shopping service (SAN disks, deport the group on the first server and import on the second). Then I run the Update service locations but the services remain on the original server.

What am I doing wrong ?

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  • did the tool say it moved the services successfully, any errors in the eventlog, any service creation on the other server at all? Check it to be sure.

  • The update service locations said it ran successfully but none of the service locations changed. Nothing in the eventlog. I refreshed the service list but no new services.

    Here are my steps...

    1) stop all services except admin and directory on old server
    2) deport disk group that contains all vault stores, index, shopping service
    3) import disk group on new server
    4) run update service locations

    this is where is says it completed successfully but the services remain on the old server.
  • You have to repoint your aliases to the server you want to services moved to and then you run USL.