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9 years ago

Bulk reset of archiving state

Hi I have inherited an EV enviroment where there was no existing user tasks setup, with the exception of zero day archiving.


Therefore they would simply leave the user in existing OU for a 30 period then delete the user and disable the mailbox.


Now there appears to be an over run of licences and I thought perhaps it was because there are many users still with MBXarchingstate set to 1.


is there a way to target the existing users OU and those users which EV still believes to be set to archiving and reset to 0





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  • Hi Tom,

    Clarify to see if I understand correct.

    You only archive leavers mailboxes? If so, I am not sure you even require a license, as EV MBX archiving license is based on ACTIVE mailboxes (user mailboxes, not functional/group/room etc). You might want to check this with Customer Service Licensing dept.

    1 - You need to verify below with support first, but what you could do is the following.

    Set EV in backup mode. Stop EV-services. In SQL (make backup of all db's)  open Directory database, table ExchangeMailboxEntry, remove all rows from this table.

    Start EV services, run provisioning task. Verify ExchangeMailboxEntry table again. Should only contain mailboxes currently 'provisionable'.

    Clear backup mode.

    2 - Disable users from the console. This is not something which is done quick, but will give you the same result.


  • how did you come to the conclusion that you have a licensing issue? i would work with your EV partner or Veritas account manager on this before trying to compensate by making configuration changes.

  • Hi Gertjan and AndrewB,


    thank you for your replies.  I based the licencing question on a sql query which indicated  enable users in excess of our currently licencing model

    I exported the output to a spreed sheet extract below and based on the amount of rows, this excess what we should have.


    MbxArchivingState MbxExchangeState ExchangeMbxType
    1 2 1
    1 2 1
    1 2 1
    1 0 1
    1 2 1
    1 1 1
    1 1 1



    We do archive the whole enviroment and the existing users was setup to take care of zero day archiving and then removal from EV via the console, however the removal /disable from EV via the console was a step that was missed prior to my arrival.


    In the main the mailboxes for these users have been removed and so therefor are not active, perhaps this is more of a cleanup task than an actual licensing issue.

    I wanted to reset the archiving to show that it is disabled and then later clean up the archive of the extra permissions that were inherited by zapping the archive.


    again thank you for your assistance





  • Thank you gentlemen,


    I was able to discussed this with a support technican and I was incorrect in my reasoning in regards to the New Mailboxes.

    These were equipment mailboxes or shared and NOT enabled therefor they dont count, which I am sure you knew.


    Next clean up task is my existed users OU, historically the previous EV person did NOT use the EV console to disable the mailbox

    Understanding that the mailbox is gone and therefor is not using a license my manager still wants to ensure that none of the exited users showup as enabled

    when running the following script.

    SELECT *

    FROM ExchangeMailboxEntry

    Where MbxArchiveState = '1'


    over 80% of the user in the exiting user OU are displayed in the printout. 

    some thing like this


    USE EnterpriseVaultDirectory
    UPDATE Archive
    SET ArchivingState = 2
    WHERE ArchivingState = 1
    AND RootIdentity = (SELECT A.RootIdentity FROM Archive A, Root R, ExchangeMailboxEntry EME WHERE EME.DefaultVaultID = R.VaultEntryID AND R.RootIdentity = A.RootIdentity AND EME.mbxDisplayName = 'my User')

    The bold I need to mess with to ensure I only update specific users


    Thanks Gentlemen



  • if you can identify a list of all the mailboxes you need to cleanup, you can disable and zap permissions using EVPM in one shot.

  • great thank you for your time


    i will do that thanks