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19 years ago

Calendar - Attachments Archiv automatic by Schedule Task ?


I�m new Admin for EV our Company.

I will Archiv Attachments in Calendar ( Oulook2003) by schedule Task automaticly. But I didn�t find the Option or the type of "Item note" where I can set it. Any Idea ??



wir f�hren gerade die E-Mail Archvierung mit EV 6.0 SP2 ein.
Ich bin neu in diesem Umfeld.

Ich m�chte auch Anh�nge von "Besprechungsanfragen" archivieren. Eine manuelle Archivierung �ber die "Buttons" in Outlook2003 ist f�r den Benutzer m�glich.

Wie ist es m�glich diese Archivierung �ber den "Schedule Task" einzubinden ?
Welche Policies sind hierbei zu setzen ?
Wo wird hierzu die "Item Note" eingetragen ? ( falls notwendig !!)


Jens Hilverkus

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  • Jens,
    My german is rusty, so I'll answer as best I can in english. In order to enable calendar archiving, right click on the "directory" level of the admin gui tree, click on the last tab, and check the IPM types for calendar events.

    You may also want to change the advanced settings in your mailbox policies to archive the calendar events the way you want it to.

    My advice however, it's usually not worth it to archive calendar events unless you've got a special need.

    Anyhow, best of luck.

  • on the directory, right click and choose properties.
    on the top there are your calendar item, check it and it wil be archived.
    before doing that check Symantec document ID 282032 March 09 2006 as there are some known issues with calendar items.