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15 years ago

cannot disable archving for a folder for all users

i've a demand to disable archiving for Both Junk Folder & RSS folder

DirectoryComputername = <evservername>
SiteName = <evsitename>

LDAPquery = ????????????????

Name = \Junk E-Mail
Filtername = DoNotArchive
OverrideArchiveLocks = true

i've tried the above EVPM script , but i didn't success to write a valid LDAPquery to retrieve all users

hope to find a solution from you

thanks in advance
Ahmed Abd ELGelil

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  • LDAP query ..........

     Be sure to test in your own test environment before running in production, but the following should work.


  • you could also do

    DistinguishedName = ALL

    and that will target all enabled EV users