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16 years ago

Centera OR NAS (NTFS)

I wanted to get some feedback regarding Centera or NTFS.  I am about to begin implementing Enterprise Vault for a law firm.  The current design is to use a NAS storage device.  My recommendation was a Centera.  What do you guys think?   I have previously implemented EV on Centera and had a rather good experience.  I also want to make sure the firm has all the regulation in place prior to PST migrations.  Let me know your thoughts.

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  • This highly depends on your needs.

    If you are very compliance sensitive, you should definitely go with centera.


    There may be also performance related factors involved, which may or may not favour centera.


    If haven't got a need for compliance, and you may already have a NAS device, then this would be the better option...


    Unfortunately, it's not an easy question...