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15 years ago

Changing the vault site alias?


we need to update the external owa url for the enterprise vault service.

Currently, if you access the archive within owa from external, you get redirected to The vault site name is also called

Now, we need the ev service to be external accessible through the url

I figured i need to change the vault site name for this - but how to achieve that? Or am i completly wrong and there is another solution for my problem?



so, after searching some more i found this:

Read-only Vault Site alias and Web Access application URL
The Vault Site alias and Web Access application URL are now generated automatically when the first computer is added to the Enterprise Vault Site.
The Web Access application URL is generated as follows:
where EVserver_alias is the fully-qualified DNS alias of the first Enterprise Vault server that is added to the Site. The name of the Web Access application virtual directory in IIS must be /EnterpriseVault.
The Vault Site alias, Web Access application URL and virtual directory for the Web Access application are read-only and cannot be changed.
In Site Properties, on the General page, you can view but not change the Vault Site alias. The Web Access application URL is no longer displayed, but the following options enable you to change the protocol or port used to access the Web Access application:
Use TCP port
Use HTTPS on SSL port
Before setting a different protocol or port, you should first make the required changes to the default web site in IIS.
Note: Changing the Web Access application protocol or port after items have been archived will break existing shortcuts. 

Does that mean, we cannot change the external URL for a Enterprise Vault environment? To be honest, that sucks big time, because i guess i am neither the first nor the last admin that needs to change that..

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  • You cannot change the vault site name.  I would recommend creating a cname alias to use for the external access.
  • Hm,

    A Cname to redirect from name) to name) ?

    I think we would get problems with the kerberos ticket when redirecting with cnames... but thanks for the suggestion.

  • Hi,

    will the new URL ( be accessible by people on the internal network as well as the people connecting externally? If so you can change the webapp URL in Enterprise Vault 8.0 by following this knowledgebase article: