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10 years ago

Clent-Driven Migration and the PST Migrator Task


We have an issue with a particular PST file and had to stop our PST Migrator task to stop unwanted imports. I then disabled all the users for client-driven migration via the VAC and confirmed it all via SQL too. However when I start the PST Migrator task imports of the unwanted files, and other files, start.

What is happening and is this expected?

I did read the below in the PST Migration guide, DOC6625.

On a schedule, or initiated manually with a “Run Now,” the PST Migrator Tasks scan the PST file’s SQL table looking for PST files that have the status of “Ready to migrate,” and the target Archive is managed by the Storage Service on the same Enterprise Vault server as the PST Migrator Task

Anyone else experienced anything like this.

Should I delete or set all the existing entries to 'Do Not Migrate'.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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