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10 years ago

Closed Archive Question

When an archived is closed (which i have 7000 closed archives) do the items still expire out of the archives when expirey runs?  The reason i am asking is because a user / EV admin can't delete items out of closed archives, they get access is denied.  So i am wondering if expirey actually works or not.

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  • what do you mean by a "closed" archive? there are closed partitions and closed index locations where expiry still applies.

  • No action can be taken on a archive with a status of closed except to delete it in it's entirety.  A closed archive is esentially locked to prevent changes, generally for a migration.

  • i guess the question is how was the closed archive set that way? because you used move archive?

  • An Archive can only be systematically set to a Closed state when using EV Move Archive. One of the very first steps that are performed is that the Source Archive name is changed with the open-close dates appended, and is set to closed. From a SQL side, this is the ArchiveView.ArchiveState value in the EnterpriseVaultDirectory database.

    ArchiveState : 1 = Open, 2 = Closed and 4 = Marked for deletion.


    I hope this helps!