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13 years ago

collection-service memory usage

Hi All,


I've been trolling the internet looking for a hint here but so far no luck, so hopefully one you has come across this.

I have a new installation of EV 10.0.1 all running fine but the collection-service just keeps consuming memory, restarting the Indexing service resets it back to near zero but then it continues to climb, it is currently at 4.5Gb.

The server has 8Gb RAM and 8GB pagefile on a dedicated disk.

Is this by design or something I need to be concerned with? Is there a way to cap the usage?

Many thanks

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  • Hi Wayne,


    Not the PST collector, it's collection-service.exe which is part of the indexing services which in turn spawns other indexing services.  


    Part of the 64 bit indexing...



  • I've also seen it use a fair amount of RAM, but to be honest these are just in my test labs - I don't have access to a production EV 10 (or 10.0.1) server.  So.. I would a/ monitor it b/ open a support case.


    It could be that it operates just like SQL and Exchange, in that it will consume all available RAM, and then release it other processes when the OS instructs it to do so.