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16 years ago

Configuring Celerra for FSA

Hi, I am using Installation guide to configure Celerra for FSA. This Celerra is target file server in file system FS1 and also contains vault partition in seperate file system (FS2). FS1 in enabled for archiving. When I try to add CIFS server as new file server, I get error message "user is not authorised to access the file server". I have added this user in the local administrator group in CIFS server. I have created a new account in Celerra as per instruction in installation guide as also in AD. No matter which account I use I get the same error.


Has anyone seen this or have any tips to configure Celerra?

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  • Hi


    The User also needs Permission on the Fileshare itself, I believe.

    Don't know how to do this with Celerra unfortunately.



  • Thanks Michel, I am trying to add CIFS server in EV as a file server. The user I am using has local administrator rights on the CIFS server in Celerra. I have added this user explicitly in one of the shares as well but I am still getting that error.